Why White Oak?


Durability & Strength

The USDA Wood Handbook states, “White oaks are used for furniture, coopers’ barrels, railroad crossties, mine timbers and fence posts.  An important use of White Oak is planking and bent parts of ships and boats because of it’s decay resistance.” Unlike porous Red Oak, White Oak cells are plugged with tyloses which makes the wood impenetrable by liquids.  White Oak was used in the USS Constitution (Old Ironsides) which still floats in Boston Harbor.  It was also the material of choice for durable goods such as farm machinery, tools and wagons.


Old Ironsides





Environmentally Friendly

White Oak is naturally decay resistant, eliminating the need to treat it with toxic chemicals which can be harmful to humans and the environment.   We use an exterior penetrating linseed oil finish rather than surface coatings such as varnishes or polyurethanes which are described in the Wood Handbook as not desirable because they can chip, peel or crack and also be toxic.  Our oil finish is also much easier to maintain than a surface coating finish.

The Forest Products Laboratory considers White Oak “on par with Teak.”  Sittin’ Easy is proud to choose Appalachian White Oak as a native North American resource over other species which are depleted.

White Oak rapidly and aggressively renews itself.  The U.S. Forest Service reports that there is more of this hardwood now than 50 or even 100 years ago because it is being reforested to such a great degree.  This trend is expected to continue into the future.  White Oak is an environmentally sound material.  Coupled with natural durability and good looks, it is the natural choice for outdoor furniture and an excellent value to the buyer!