#42  4ft. Porch Swing

    The 4 ft. porch swing is a Sittin' Easy staple and one of our most popular items since 1978. It possesses sturdy, dependable, firm and secure seating with an elegant design. The provided chain is six feet long which is enough to hang from the ceiling but does not come with mounting hardware. Find it a home anywhere with our 4 ft. swing stand.  

    • Bought swing and stand at the Civic Center when the Philadelphia Flower Show was there many yrs ago, 1980's. Thanks! S.J., NY
    • Love it - outside 18 1/2 years... J.H, PA

    #42 4ft. Porch Swing

    Why White Oak?

    48"L x 28"W x 19"H, Weight: 36 lbs. Some Assembly Required.