Care & Maintenance

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Maintenance Kit available under "Accessories"

Maintenance Kit available under “Accessories”

Care & Maintenance

Sittin’ Easy furniture is made from top grade, kiln dried Appalachian White Oak, using mortise and tenon joints and weather resistant fasteners.  It is designed and built to give years of service with minimal maintenance.

The distinctive Sittin’ Easy look is enhanced and protected by a penetrating exterior oil which has been hand-rubbed into the grain.  Unlike surface films and coatings, using an oil based stain produces a natural finish that cannot chip, peel, flake, or crack.  By penetrating, it seals, primes, and preserves the wood, while helping to prevent fungal rot and mildew.

If your furniture will be used indoors, no special maintenance is required other than routine cleaning.

To assure retaining the beauty and effectiveness of the original finish on outdoor use, we recommend the application of a quality exterior oil, such as Cabot – Australian Timber Oil Wood Finish (see below) once or twice a year depending on how much direct exposure to sunlight and rain.  Wood that appears to be overly dry or turning slightly gray can easily be restored by applying a light coat of exterior oil.

Should the wood turn very dark, it can be bleached in the sun using a 50%-50% solution of Clorox and water.  Be sure the wood is clean and dry before reapplying any oil.

If roughness occurs due to grain raising, smooth the surface by sanding with the grain using 120 grit sandpaper or 80 grit for rough spots (DO NOT use steel wool).  Since white oak is a hardwood and has been kiln dried, it does not continue to rise and coil once it has been sanded down the first year in its new environment.  Once sanded, then re-oil with a light coat.  You will then just need to clean and re-oil year after year.  Please do not get carried away with sanding.  We recommend focusing on the “touchy, feely” areas that you come in contact with such as the top slats, side ribs, and arms.  It is not necessary to sand underneath, behind, or in-between slats.  The sanding process should not take more than 5 or 10 minutes on average per piece.

Any wood that is used outdoors will be affected by some “weather checking.”  These small cracks are mainly on the surface of the wood and in no way affect the strength or durability of the piece.  Re-oiling helps to minimize weather checking and you may use oak colored putty in the small cracks which becomes virtually unnoticeable.

What To Look For In An Exterior Oil


Water Resistance: Look for the terms “water repellent” or “waterproof.”  These products can be water or oil-based.

Ultraviolet Radiation Protection: The addition of “UV” protectors helps the wood withstand the destructive effects of sunlight.

Mildew & Fungal Protection: If the label states “resists mildew” or “wood preservative,” etc., special ingredients have been added for this purpose.

Clarity: Unless you intend to change the color, you want the word “clear” on the label. Terms like “natural wood tone,” “color tint,” or color descriptions such as “redwood tone” indicate that a pigment has been added which will affect the wood’s color.

We Prefer Cabot – Australian Timber Oil #3400 series (we do not use the blue lid #19400 series)

Available at home improvement centers and Cabot Paint Dealers.

You may also purchase our maintenance kit in accessories section which provides a quart of Cabot’s, sanding sponges, terry cloth towels, gloves, and putty.  The kit is ideal for the initial year maintenance.